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With over sixteen years in the wellness field, Ursula brings a lighthearted, yet profound approach to those who seek to reclaim their physical and emotional well-being. Her focus is on empowering and supporting clients in their discovery of complementary approaches to manage anxiety, chronic pain and life’s challenges through a whole person approach. Ursula's passion to help her clients heal trauma came from experience of healing her own. She facilitates sound baths, yoga and mindfulness meditation to individuals and groups around the Los Angeles area.


As a Reiki master, yoga teacher, Spiritual Guide, Sound and Energy Medicine Facilitator, and Somatic Attachment Therapy Practitioner, Ursula brings an additional layer of knowledge to help her clients achieve spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. As a wellness consultant, she devised a successful Yoga Program at Crunch Fitness, where she spent 16 years as a master teacher.


With her ability to see beyond the visible, Ursula’s sessions allow everyone to grasp their own potential to live a purposeful life. Her deep love and understanding of the animal psyche, especially that of dogs, allowed her to expand her practice that now includes Reiki for pets. During her study trips to the Amazon Rainforest, she gives back to the community by bringing educational campaigns, rescuing street dogs and facilitating free spay and neuter campaigns to low-income communities through her non-profit organization, Project Street Dog. Ursula is an avid photographer and author of two books, FOUR SECONDS and STREET DOG. She lives in Los Angeles with her three rescues.

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