With close to sixteen years of energy medicine experience, Ursula brings a lighthearted, yet profound approach to those who seek a holistic and intuitive way to reconnect themselves to their own, Ancient/Innate wisdom.

   As a Reiki master, yoga teacher and a shamanic healer in Los Angeles, she brings an additional layer of knowledge to help her clients achieve optimal health. Her training with Shipibo curanderos in the Peruvian Amazon gave her a deep understanding of the energetic aspect of ALL. With her ability to see beyond the visible, she facilitates sessions that allow each individual to grasp their own potential to live a purposeful life. She offers her clients a deep understanding of their path, whether it is with her buffalo hand drum, Kambo/Frog Medicine, Asana Practices or Sound Healing journeys.

   During her bi-yearly study trips with indigenous tribes in the Amazon jungle, she also gives back to the community by bringing educational campaigns, rescuing street dogs and organizing free spay and neuter campaigns to low income communities with her non-profit organization, Project Street Dog. Ursula is an avid photographer and author of the book FOUR SECONDS.

Her deep love and understanding of the animal psyche, especially that of dogs, allowed her to expand her practice that now includes Reiki for pets along with other services geared toward animals and their humans.